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NX Development Corp. was founded as a life sciences company dedicated to the commercial launch of Gleolan® in the United States as a real-time imaging agent to assist surgeons in visualizing brain tumors during surgery. NXDC received approval from the FDA to market Gleolan in 2017 and subsequently became a subsidiary of Photonamic GmbH & Co. KG in 2018. NX Development Corp. is the market authorization holder for Gleolan in United States and in March 2022, we entered into a partnership agreement with Medexus Pharma to commercialize Gleolan for us in the region.  We are proud to be the industry leader in the development of Gleolan and are committed to developing innovative and revolutionary indications to benefit cancer patients and their surgeons. 

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Salvatore DeSena, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Ashley Cox

Director, Clinical Operations

Carina Sill

Medical Science Liaison

Stephanie Ngo

Clinical Project Manager

Deborah Obadiaru

Clinical Research Associate

Ronald Mims

Associate Clinical Project Manager

Laura Jackson

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